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Tribal Fest in the West

A weekend of fun, dance, music, connection, craft and wellbeing

Tribal Fest in the West is a fabulously fun Global Caravan Tribal Belly Dance event in honour of the late beautiful Betsy Watkins💚🌿

It is a time to gather the tribes from around Australia to converge on Fremantle WA to celebrate all things music and dance.

In 2023, our festival will be held on the weekend of Friday 6th October to Sunday 8th October at the Croatian Club, Alfred Road, North Fremantle.

The highlights will include the evening Soiree with performances from festival teachers and their students, as well as dance workshops facilitated by Australian GC dance teachers Sienna Krzemien from Cairns, Caroline Close from Cairns, Alica D'Arcy La Bouchardiere from Bendigo and Richelle Spencer from Fremantle.

This year's theme is *Shine!*

The event is open to women and men with an interest in Tribal belly dance, musicality, wellbeing and spirituality.

We look forward to connecting with our beautiful GC dance community!

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